Isle of Man Sport are committed to supporting and investing in the development of sport on the Isle of Man and run a range of programmes and initiatives to achieve this. For these to be effective, we require that sports seeking support are engaged with us and are recognised as a sport in which we may work with and invest in. An 'engaged' sport will have sole responsibility for governance of that sport on the Isle of Man (usually referred to as a Governing Body of Sport or 'GBS').

What do IOM Sport support?

In order to maximise the impact of IOM Sport funding & support, and to provide clear & logical and aspirational pathways for sports to seek support – a new framework to support sport has been developed and named "Support for Sport". This framework will provide a transparent and equitable method by which to allocate and account for the IOM Sport funding of sports. The Travel & Coaching allocated funding will be maintained (in a slightly different format), but all other funding streams e.g. Facility Development Grants, Equipment Grants, Disability Funding etc. will be merged into the “Sports Development Grant”. There will be a “Starter Sport Grant” which will be available for ‘smaller’ or newly established sports (however there will be a claim limit per sport for this).

Examples of areas were IOM Sport may assist in supporting are:

Travel - Sports attend national and international events and competition in order to develop and improve, so Isle of Man Sport can assist with funding which recognised sport utilise towards costs for athletes travelling off Island to train or compete.

Coaching - Sports coaches assist athletes in developing to their full potential and are responsible for training athletes in a sport by reviewing and providing feedback on their performances, suggesting ways to improve technique and performance. Isle of Man Sport may assist with costs for coaching related initiatives or projects to ensure that sports are able to bring expert coaches or coaching tutors to the Isle of Man and they can deliver coaching of athletes or the coaching of coaches.

Facility Development - Having the right sporting facilities is essential to developing sport and Isle of Man Sport are keen to assist Governing Bodies of Sport improve facilities which will increase opportunities for participation in their sport. Support for Facility Development would allow sports to access assistance towards the creation or development of sporting facilities in line with their sporting development plan.

Equipment Purchase - Each sport has its own requirements for specific equipment and this can prove expensive, Isle of Man Sport encourage the Island's sports to identify equipment which will benefit their members and grow the number of people getting involved.

Disability Sporting Opportunities - Isle of Man Sport understands the need to offer sports with the support they need towards providing opportunities for people with disabilities. Funding is available to Sporting Governing Bodies who have a project or plan which will help with improving opportunities and developing pathways for people with disabilities who want to be active and participate in sport.

Support for Sport Programme: making IOM Sport support more effective

'Support for Sport' allows the Isle of Man's recognised sports to choose how their sport develops and where they want support to be directed.

Using the sport's development plans, each sport is given the opportunity to select their priorities and objectives for the year, highlighting areas where they would like IOM Sport to provide support. Sports will also be allocated a level based on the information they have provided:

Level 1 Support

At this level of support, the sport may be small or newly established and lacking strong governances and development practices. The Support for Sport Programme will assist such sports to improve in both these areas and will use the IOM Sport Engagement Application process to do that (see attached). Once this is complete the sport can seek 'Level 2' status by demonstrating it can meet the requirements of the Charter. The opportunity to do this will be annual. 'Level 1' sports can apply for the “Starter Sports Grant” Funding, there will be an annual limit for claiming of £500 per sport. 'Level 1' sports will not receive an annual allocation of support.

Level 2 Support

'Level 2' supported sports have fulfilled the requirements of the Charter and signed it. They will receive an annual allocation for support following their submission of their annual 'priorities and objectives' plan (highlighting the expenses for their priority areas and the benefit of this in relation to their objectives), the level of which will be directly related to the provisions of the relevant Development Plan, funding will be claimed throughout the year, but will not be issued ‘up front’. 'Level 2' sports can also apply for “Sports Development Grant” Funding and will continue to have access to Governance Support from IOM Sport. Their Development Plan (and "priorities and objectives" plan) will clearly demonstrate success criteria for the year ahead and the sport will provide an end of year review to highlight how Isle of Man Sport's support has assisted in development. Successful annual reviews for 3 consecutive years will entitle the sport to gain 'Level 3' status.

Level 3 Support

'Level 3' supported sports will be issued with their allocation of Travel & Coaching ‘up front’ at the start of the financial year, and this will be guaranteed for 3 years. 'Level 3' sports can continue to apply for “Sports Development Grant” Funding. Whilst considered as self-directed and so will be funded for 3 years (based on their development plans for the next three year period), they will still be required to submit end of year progress reports.

Role of the Sports Liaison Committee

The Sports Liaison Committee will have the responsibility for reviewing the sports plans and priorities for the year upcoming year, before making a recommendation to IOM Sport regarding support for each qualifying sport.

Implementation of the new support levels

All sports are asked to complete and supply:

  • Sports Development Plan (specific to the Isle of Man).
  • Priorities and Objectives plans for the next 12 months (for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020) and associated costs.
  • Charter document.

All of the above documentation must be submitted to Isle of Man Sport by 31 December (prior to the next financial year) in order for IOM Sport to confirm support for the following year.