Engagement in sport career transition planning enhances performance

As part of a normal sporting career, athletes will have to manage a series of transitions:

  • Junior to senior
  • School to university
  • Isle of Man to off-Island performance system
  • Selection to deselection
  • Healthy to injured
  • Active to retired

Planning for transitions results in a higher probability of team selection and longer athletic careers. These benefits only accrue when the value athletes place on pre-retirement planning is greater than the pressure to focus exclusively on sport performance.

It is important for players, coaches, and administrators who may have a mistaken belief that engagement in pre-retirement planning is time poorly spent to understand the benefits for sports performance.

The athlete guide service provides practical support to help athletes develop their life skills and coping strategies to proactively deal with these transitions. In this way we can assist athletes at all development levels, stages, or transitions to move successfully throughout their sporting career.

Our Athlete Guide service is provided by Paul Jones, Rich Sille, Chris Quine, and Christian Varley.