Working together to develop successful athletes and successful people.

Our purpose is to help create psychologically underpinned and sustainable high-performance environments that succeed in developing the person as well as the athlete.

Sport Psychology is a pro-active service for athletes, coaches, parents, and support staff.  Our aim is to help athletes and staff prepare psychologically for the demands of competition and training. We do this through a dual focus on performance and wellbeing.

Our Sport Psychology service places the person at the centre of delivery. Consistent high-level performance, in sport and life outside sport, requires a foundation of good mental health and wellbeing. This holistic focus helps enable Manx athletes to become well-rounded and conscientious representatives of the Island’s community.

In high-level sport, mental skills are often the difference between success and failure. Mental skills are attributes such as resilience, confidence, focus, and emotional control. To sustain a career in high performance sport, athletes need the mental skills to complement their physical, technical, and tactical capabilities. Mental skills are also important in enhancing wellbeing and helping individuals to deal with critical moments in their athletic career. These might be things like injury, deselection, balancing dual careers, and retirement.

Sport psychology also allows individuals an opportunity to talk - in a way they might not usually do in with their friends, teammates, parents, or coaches. Sport Psychologists offer a confidential environment where individuals can be open, with no judgement. These conversations are often the most powerful and beneficial.

Our Sport Psychology service is provided by Dr Rich Sille. Rich is an HCPC-registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist and works with athletes, coaches, and parents throughout the talent pathway.

For more information on the Sport Psychology service, contact us here.