Isle of Man Sport's Priorities and Objectives

Isle of Man Sport have identified three Priorities and Objectives which it aims to achieve in partnership with the Island's Governing Bodies of Sport:

  • Increase participation in sport across all levels from grass roots to elite;
  • Improve and develop coaching, volunteering and officiating to enhance performance across all levels; and
  • Improve governance of governing bodies of sport and member clubs.

Please click here for our Priorities and Objectives Overview and How to Guide.

This document provides sports with details on how to complete the Priorities and Objectives document, with the 'How to Guide' providing step by step guidance on what information to input into each section of the document. For further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Louise.

The Priorities and Objectives document for the 2021/22 process has been updated. After feedback from sports the document has been amended to provide sports with the opportunity to include more detail in relation to each objective.