Sports Funding Allocations

As part of Isle of Man Sport's commitment to transparency and clarity, the funding allocations granted to each recognised sport are published in the tabs on the right hand side.

These allocations include funding from all Sports Liaison Committee funding programmes, including Support for Sport, Disability Sport Support and Sports-Specific Development Officers.

Over the last three years, the Sports Liaison Committee have allocated unprecedented amounts of funding to the Support for Sport programme to help kickstart sport post-Covid. During this time, it was communicated to sports that this level of funding was not sustainable long-term and therefore allocations to sports were expected to reduce significantly from 2024/25 onwards. In this time, we have also seen the number of recognised sports increase and we expect this may continue in the coming years, whilst overall Isle of Man Sport funding has remained static, therefore resulting in individual funding allocations to sports being reduced accordingly.

During this time, the Sports Liaison Committee have identified several areas within the IOM Sport Priorities and Objectives, linked to the Isle of Man Strategy for Sport, that have been prioritised for funding. These areas are:

  • Initiatives that directly improve the standard of coaching, officiating or volunteering on the Island (this includes off-Island travel for relevant courses, qualifications and CPD)
  • Initiatives that directly improve the governance of Governing Bodies of Sport and their member clubs
  • Initiatives that directly increase participation or improve participant experience in on-Island sport
  • Funding for off-Island travel in relation to participation for individuals or teams attending:
  1. Recognised International level competition
  2. Recognised National Governing Body talent pathway activity