All athletes have the right to compete in sport knowing that they, and their competitors, are clean. We believe in clean sport and work in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure that the integrity of our sport is protected.

Anti-Doping Policy

Isle of Man Sport has in place an anti-doping policy (view the policy here) that all athletes, athlete support personnel and recognised Governing Bodies of Sport must abide by. The anti-doping policy IOM Sport has in place is consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code), the core document that harmonises anti-doping policies, rules and regulations within sport globally.

The anti-doping rules that IOM Sport adopt are the rules published by UK Anti-Doping (or its successor), as amended from time to time.

If you compete in Sport on or for the Isle of Man then the anti-doping rules apply to you, regardless of what level you participate at. You can find the UK Anti-Doping Rules here.

A summary of the main highlights of the Policy and how this may affect recognised Governing Bodies of Sport can be found in the image below or to enlarge, click here:

Anti-Doping Education and Training

Isle of Man Sport are committed to supporting Governing Bodies of Sport around Anti-Doping education and training. Free workshops will be provided to all Governing Bodies of Sport centrally at the Sports Institute. Alternatively Governing Bodies of Sport can request closed workshops to their specific sport. For more details contact Lisa Motley, Executive Assistant to Isle of Man Sport, on

UKAD & WADA Online Learning Platforms

Both UKAD and WADA offer online learning opportunities aimed at anyone involved in Sport.

To access UKAD's clean sport hub please click here.

To access WADA's Anti-Doping online E-learning platform click here.