Support for SportĀ 

The Support for Sport framework was developed and established to support Governing Bodies of Sport on the Island.

For those Governing Bodies of Sport that are well organised and have a clear vision of the future of their sport, the Support for Sport framework will provide:

  • education and practical support through workshops and seminars;
  • funding to help with priorities and objectives which align with those of Isle of Man Sport, including specific initiatives such as Disability Sports Opportunities*;
  • increased liaison to ascertain which initiatives are most successful and could be used as examples of best practice to help develop other sports

For those Governing Bodies of Sport that may require some additional support and assistance, the Sports Liaison Officer is here to help.

Please use the side tabs for resources in relation to the Support for Sport process.

*Isle of Man Sport only provide funding towards not-for-profit and community sports clubs and will not provide funding towards businesses or profit-making organisations.