Isle of Man Sport has appointed three anti-doping educators to ensure that there is on-Island support and knowledge available for sportspeople, coaches, and governing bodies.

During 2016 and 2017 Isle of Man Sport arranged several visits from a UK anti-doping educator, running a total of 14 sessions which were attended by 170 athletes and officials from the Island's sporting community.

In an effort to become more self-reliant, Isle of Man Sport identified potential candidates who could be trained to deliver future courses on anti-doping.

Juan Kinley, Leonie Cooil, and Paul Cubbon all recently completed training with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), making them qualified to deliver anti-doping sessions on Island.

Having educators who are based in the Isle of Man provides all of the Island's sports with easy access to a qualified anti-doping expert and it is hoped that this will remove any barriers to accessing information.

The educators have already delivered a number of workshops since completing their training and over the past few months some of the Island's sporting associations and members of the Isle of Man's Commonwealth Games team have benefitted from ‘Clean Sport 1' sessions - the entry level education - covering a variety of elements surrounding anti-doping from a sporting perspective.

The core message emphasised at every session is "100% ME", the slogan used by UK Anti-Doping to emphasise that sportspeople should be able to say "my performance is 100% me, there is no secret to my success - just hard work, determination and talent".

Chairman of Isle of Man Sport, Gary Corkhill, said:

"Isle of Man Sport is dedicated to doing everything it can to ensure that everyone connected with sport on our Island has the knowledge and knowhow when it comes to anti-doping.
"The Isle of Man's sporting family is highly respected on the national and world stage. Were any Manx athlete or official to fail a drug test, having been provided with so many opportunities to attend a workshop, it would be damaging not only to an individual, but to the Island's sporting reputation as a whole."

All sports in the Isle of Man will be offered the opportunity to utilise the expertise of the on-Island anti-doping educators, to either deliver a training session or for advice on where they can obtain further information on anti-doping.

There will be no costs to governing bodies in accessing the education, as Isle of Man Sport is offering complimentary access to the educators and the Isle of Man Sport Institute for each session, providing there are 15 or more attendees.

It is hoped that the Island's governing bodies for sport take up the opportunity to access the education. More information is available by contacting Paul Callow on or 688555.