Isle of Man Sport Aid (IoMSA) scholarship recipients have been announced for 2021/2022 and will be supported through a programme that will see them act as sporting ambassadors for the Island.

Recipients will receive financial support to help with travel and equipment and access to facilities at the Isle of Man Sport Institute from 1 April 2021.

Those chosen including athletes from various sports who will formally receive their certificates at the Isle of Man Sports Awards on 2 June. The full list of athletes who will be supported can be found below.

Isle of Man Sport Aid has played a pivotal role in supporting the Island’s top athletes for more than 20 years by helping them to compete at national, international and world level.

Andy Varnom, Chairman of IOMSA, said:

‘The investment demonstrates our commitment to helping Isle of Man athletes fulfil their potential. The past year has been extremely challenging for those who compete in the UK and further afield, and the ongoing situation has made our selection process harder than normal this year. We could not run such a robust programme without the generosity of the third party sponsors and organisations who help, so I would like to say a massive thank you.’

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture said:

‘It has been a tough year full of complications for our sports stars, so I know what a difference these scholarships will make. I am confident the recipients will act as fine ambassadors for the Island and we will see the Manx flag flying at future events across the world.’

Thank you to our all of our 2021 / 2022 Sport Aid Programme sponsors:

Aston International, CTH Insurance, The Dan Kneen Charitable Fund, Duke Travel, The Elizabeth Clucas Charitable Trust, Hadrian’s Charity, The JR Moore Trust, Nedgroup Investments, Ramsey Crookall & Co, TLC Business Solutions, Top Spec Fencing & Tower Insurance.

Aston International Scholarships

  • James Margrave (athletics)
  • Glen Quayle (athletics)
  • Harry Thompson (rugby)


CTH Insurance Scholarship

  • Jenny Newbery (triathlon)


Dan Kneen Charitable Fund Scholarship

  • Jamie McCanney (enduro)


Duke Travel Scholarships

  • Jed Etchells (enduro)
  • Daniel McCanney (enduro)


Elizabeth Clucas Trust Scholarships

  • James Harrison (cycling)
  • Lucy Worthington (gymnastics)


Hadrian’s Charity Scholarships

  • Archie Collis (judo)
  • Emma Hodgson (swimming)


JR Moore Trust Scholarship

  • Peter Allen (swimming)


Nedgroup Investments Scholarship

  • Sean Jackson (football)


Ramsey Crookall & Co Scholarship

  • Chloe Chadwick (equestrian)


 TLC Business Solutions Scholarship

  • Will Draper (triathlon)


Top Spec Fencing Scholarship

  • Max Walker (cycling)


Tower Insurance Scholarships

  • Conor Davies (cycling)
  • Tom Gandy (golf)


IOM Sport Aid Recipients

  • Matthew Bostock (cycling)
  • Sam Brand (cycling)
  • Alex Bregazzi (swimming)
  • Brandon Cain (snowboarding)
  • Anna Christian (cycling)
  • Mark Christian (cycling)
  • Jonty Cope (rugby)
  • Spencer Cope (rugby)
  • Alan Corlett (athletics)
  • Sinead Cox (equestrian)
  • Ana Dawson (golf)
  • Lea Dawson (golf)
  • Kim Dean (weightlifting)
  • Jed Etchells (enduro)
  • Rachael Franklin (athletics)
  • Ben Grainger (swimming)
  • Tyler Hannay (cycling)
  • Joe Harris (athletics)
  • Elizabeth Holden (cycling)
  • Yasmin Ingham (equestrian)
  • Erika Kelly (athletics)
  • Laura Kinley (swimming)
  • Ollie Lockley (athletics)
  • Leon Mazzone (cycling)
  • Tom Mazzone (cycling)
  • Daniel McCanney (enduro)
  • David Mullarkey (athletics)
  • Tom Partington (athletics)
  • Bevan Rodd (rugby)
  • Stuart Rushmere (hockey)
  • Amelia Sharpe (cycling)
  • Harry Swayne (rugby)
  • Sophie Taylor (equestrian)
  • Joel Watterson (swimming)
  • Cameron Wheeler (rowing)

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