Isle of Man Sport currently recognise 28 sports and Governing Bodies of Sport (GBS) which can be found here.

The aim of recognition is to confirm that a Governing Body of Sport is the sole body which governs a particular sport through the common consent of the sport itself. Gaining status as a recognised sport and the recognised Governing Body of Sport for a sport does not confer any additional rights, authority or endorsement by Isle of Man Sport and nor does it mean that a Governing Body of Sport is eligible to receive funding from Isle of Man Sport.

A recognised Governing Body of Sport would be expected to be performing the following functions within its jurisdiction:

  • Administer the practice and participation of its sport
  • Control and regulate the sporting environment
  • Develop its sport
  • Influence both members and organisations of which it is a member

If your sport is not currently listed as a recognised sport by Isle of Man Sport and your Governing Body of Sport wishes to apply to become a recognised sport, please read and go through the checklist here to check whether you are in a position to apply.

Isle of Man Sport has a Recognition Policy which details the process of recognition, recognition reviews and de-recognition. Please click here to view the Policy.

If you have any queries around the engagement process or require further information or clarification, please contact Louise, our Sports Liaison Officer, via email:

*Please note that Isle of Man Sport cannot be involved in the formation of a Governing Body of Sport.*